Easy Way To Do Video Marketing

Below is an easy way to do video marketing that is easy to learn and not hard to do?

Hard as in it takes no technical knowledge.

Video marketing works because Google wants it to work.

Google owns You Tube. It is the 3rd most visited site behind Google and Facebook everyday.

Google will rank a video for a targeted keyword phrase on their search engine as well as on You Tube.

There are a couple of key points here.

Easy Way To Do Video Marketing-Key Points

video-movie-camera1. Create a quality video. It does not have to be a masterpiece, but it should at least look good and be entertaining.

2. Solve a problem in the video. Focus on one specific problem and solve it in the video. I personally like videos of around two minutes which is plenty of time to do this.

I am seeing a lot of 30 second videos that are nothing more than a couple of pictures and a sales message with a website url. This is not a quality video.

I would be willing to bet anything that someday Google will clean up You Tube just like they have cleaned up their search engine. Crappy videos, that do not offer anything of value, will disappear from the rankings.

Is it worth the risk of getting a bunch of videos ranked, getting traffic to your site from the videos or search engine rankings, and then seeing it all go down the drain?

I would think NOT!

Easy Way To Do Video Marketing-How To Do It

So how can anyone do video marketing? Here is how to make a video for video marketing.

1. Write a short informational article of 150 to 200 words.

2. Join Animoto. This is a great program for creating videos from text. It costs less than $40 a month.

You can also add graphics and pictures to the video. You can even choose music that you like as background music in the video.

You do not need a video camera or microphone to do this. You’re not recording your voice.

What you are doing is taking your short article and creating screenshots of the text. You’re adding in some music and graphics to liven it up a little bit.

This doesn’t take any special skills to do. It’s actually fun once you get the hang of it.

What’s even more fun is to see your videos ranking quickly on You Tube. This is especially true if you’re targeting longtail keyword phrases, or are in a niche where there’s not a lot of traffic.

Easy Way To Do Video MarketingIt’s also works very well for local business marketing. You can quickly rank businesses for their primary keyword phrase on You Tube.

The other thing that’s fun is watching the videos show up on Google. If you make a good video, that is informational in nature, Google will find it and rank it.

If you need to you can get backlinks to the video URL to give a boost up the rankings. Again these are things anyone can learn how to do.

Is video marketing worth the effort? Right now it certainly is if you would like to increase your traffic without spending a lot of money on pay per click ads or other paid advertising.

We have just showed you an easy way to do video marketing! Check out one of our You Tube Channels to see some of our videos we have created for customers and out own blogs using Animoto.

If you want an even easier way to do video marketing visit our Hands Off Marketing site to see how we promote local business and niche business websites using videos, blogging, and promotion. http://www.TeamSchuman.com/hands-off-marketing/

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Why Are Female Online Marketers Doing So Well Making Money At Home?

Female online marketers make as much money as men, and in many cases they actually earn more then their male counterparts.

There are several reasons for this.

Let’s look at why female marketers do so well with Internet marketing to make money at home.


Female Online MarketersYou may have saw Patricia Arquette use part of her Academy Awards acceptance speech to cheer for equal pay for women. On the Internet they already have that.

The world wide web does not discriminate in any way against your current income level, education level. work experience, or your sex. All the Internet cares about are your skills.

Can you get traffic to a website and convert some of it into the desired action? Females do very well at this and are compensated equally for it.

Women Know How To Blog

Some of the top bloggers in the world are women. Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post comes to mind. According to Forbes she sold her blog for $315 Million Dollars to AOL making her a very wealthy woman.

Although she may be an exception there are many successful female bloggers staying at home and earning a full time living writing and selling things online. Female writers appeal to women in how they write, but many have a large following of men as well depending on the niche their blog is in.

Affiliate Marketing Super Affiliate

Several years ago Rosalind Gardner wrote an ebook titled ‘Super Affiliate Handbook” which was considered to be the bible on how to do affiliate marketing for profit.

Writing an e-book is one example of how women can make money on the Internet. Selling products for affiliate merchants, getting leads for cost per action programs, or joining an affiliate program and getting clicks on ads such as Google AdSense are all ways women make money at home doing affiliate marketing.

Direct sales

In the past women dominated the direct sales field with companies such as Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Herbalife, or Amway. Jan Rhue became a millionaire with Discovery Toys doing direct sales and MLM.

Initially the selling was done door-to-door or through in home party plans. However, today the way direct sales are done is completely different.

Now women sell products on company provided websites. Customers can order on the website, pay for the order, and have it shipped directly to them without the direct sales rep even getting involved.

Women continue to do very well with this type of Internet marketing. Because many of them want to stay home with their kids this is a popular way for females to make money online because they can set their own schedule and work whenever it’s convenient for them.

Some of these programs have network marketing compensation plans attached to them and women do very well with this as well. It’s natural for women to interact with other women socially through sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

These are several examples of why female online marketers are doing so well making money at home using the Internet. This will continue to be the case in the future, and may even increase depending on what new opportunities open up!

Hire TeamSchuman to get our popular Done For You Blog Posts. We write, post, publish, and promote blog articles on your blog for you. You can choose to have your blog articles published daily, every other day, or every 3 days. Let us know if you have any questions!

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2 Crucial Internet Marketing Tips For Home Business Owners

If you are thinking about starting a home business you need to be aware of 2 Internet marketing tips that are extremely important.

If you currently are a home business owner, and you are not doing these two things, you will face an uphill battle in building a successful business of your own.

What are the 2 crucial Internet marketing tips for home business owners?

Internet Marketing Tips For Home Business Owners-Outsource


Get some help. Most people who start a home business of their own do it on a part time basis. This means they have a full time job that is covering the monthly bills.

You should seriously look at taking a little bit of money from your pay check every month and pay somebody to help you build your home business. Today you can outsource anything and do it at a price that is very affordable.

Easyoutsource.com, oDesk, eLance, and other sites are full of people who are ready to go to work for you. This is the fastest way to accomplish a tremendous amount of work in your business every month without doing all of it yourself.

You should be able to focus on running your business as opposed to doing menial tasks within it. You really can build a very large home business online right branching out with multiple websites, building email marketing lists in various niches, and much more.

Marketing on the Internet is a time consuming thing. It also takes many skills that you may not want to learn. Getting traffic to a website is extremely important and some of the tasks such as backlink building are something you can outsource at an affordable price.

Social media is another thing you can outsource. Start with your own blog.

Hire a freelance writer to create some of your content. This will free up a lot of your time as well as take some pressure off of you.

Marketing your blog post is another thing you can outsource. I use Only Wire and Shareaholic. There are more things to outsource then you may realize.

Internet Marketing Tips For Home Business Owners-Internet Marketing Skills


You need to learn basic Internet marketing skills. There are few things every Internet marketer should be able to do.

One would be building a website using a WordPress blog. This is not hard to do and after you have done a couple of them you will find that if you’ve been intimidated by doing this you do not need to be.

Getting backlinks to websites from article marketing, blogging, posting in discussion forums, video marketing, and so on, are something you can learn how to do. This is helpful if you do not have money to pay somebody to do it because generating Internet traffic at an affordable price means developing long term backlinks.

It is not a bad idea to take a basic Internet marketing course. You can find these for free at the Warrior Forum or by just doing a Google search.

I just did a Google search for “Internet marketing course” and found a free set of ebooks and emails that looked interesting. The point here is you can find more then enough training on how to market online to get you to the level you need to be.

These are two crucial Internet marketing tips for home business owners to be aware of. If you can find a balance of outsourcing, and doing basic Internet marketing yourself, you can make as much money online today as you want to.

I mentioned outsourcing and we have a few options for you if you need some help. One of those is Hands Off Marketing!

What is Hands Off Internet Marketing? Could we help you with it? Click the link to learn more.

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Are You Too Busy To Do Internet Marketing?

I think one of the reasons most people fail with Internet marketing is they feel they are too busy to consistently do it. When I hear this excuse I have to wonder how serious they are about using the Internet to make money.

For some reason people think Internet marketing is easier then other business models. When you get down to it they just do not want to work!

Could you imagine someone buying a franchise for thousands of dollars and then expecting it to make them money without putting in the time? That is one problem people have in regards to Internet marketing.

It odes not take a lot of money to get started. This leads them to think it does not take a lot of time to make money online.

Time Management

One universal truth is we all have 168 hours in a week. That is 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How we choose to spend that time is where everybody is different.

You really need to sit down and write out exactly how you spend those 168 hours. Hopefully you are getting 7 to 8 hours sleep a night. Let’s call that 50 hours a week sleeping.

This is not something you want to compromise. Internet marketing is done sitting behind a computer. You can not effectively do this if you’re tired.

too busy to do Internet marketingIf you work a full-time job you are probably spending 50 hours a week getting ready, going to work, working, and coming home. When you add this to the 50 hours a week spent sleeping you have committed 100 hours a week of your time.

This leaves 68 hours a week spent doing other things. I’m a firm believer in having balance in your life.

You should have a spiritual life, spend time on physical fitness, family time, and recreation. If you allot 40 hours a week for these activities you’re still left with 28 hours a week to spend on your Internet business.

For most of us that would work out to about 4 hours a day. Some days you may have more time than others, but on an average it works out to 4 hours a day to spend on your business.

The Internet Is Always Open For Business

exciting-stuffThis is where it gets exciting to me. You may be only spending four hours a day building your business, but the Internet is open for business 24 hours a day. You literally have the chance to earn money 168 hours every week even if you are not working on your business.

Think about the power of that statement. You need to build systems into your business that allow it to run automatically to create you income.

Another thing you can do to create more time in your business is to outsource. You can hire a Philippine worker for $300 a month full Time. When you do this you just added 40 hours a week to your business for $75.

Leverage Your Time

One other thing you can do is join start a home business in network marketing, affiliate business, or direct sales. When you understand how the compensation plan works in network marketing you can leverage your time and duplicate your efforts when you enroll new distributors.

network-marketing-social-networkThis is just one way to have thousands of hours a week being worked in your business when you’re not spending any more than your 4 hours a day. I suggest joining Empower Network.

So again I ask you the question of whether you are too busy to do Internet marketing? This is not for everyone. You need to evaluate whether you’re willing to work the minimum amount of time to reap the rewards from it.

Need blog content? Let us help you out with our Daily Blogger Program! Click here to learn more. http://www.TeamSchuman.com/daily-blogger/

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Keep It Simple Internet Marketing

Keep it simple stupid.

Easy to type, but much harder to do.

If it was so simple why don’t more people actually make money?

Good question, but like most questions harder to address.

Let’s see if we can answer that.

Keep It Simple Internet Marketing-Traffic

I have been on some really incredible websites and blogs over the years.

It’s always amazing to me that when I check their traffic numbers I see that these sites are not getting many visitors. I’ve had people email me over and wonder why their website does not make money online?

Very rarely does it come down to converting visitors into customers. The reason I can make this statement is because for the most part these websites are not getting enough visitors to actually analyze why they’re not making more sales.

If you really want to keep it simple find one form of Internet marketing that works for you and do it until you become a big-time expert at it. I know for me over the years that was article marketing, and now it is blog marketing.

There certainly are many Internet marketers earn big bucks doing pay per click advertising. Today this includes buying paid ads on Facebook as well as Google. You can even do extremely well using Bing-Yahoo for PPC ads.

There are Internet marketers that generate all the leads they can handle doing forum marketing. I see this all the time in the Warrior Forum.

If you really want to keep it simple in regard to Internet marketing, step up your efforts to actually market something!

Keep It Simple Internet Marketing-Build A List

There is a reason why you see this recommendation made over and over when it comes to Internet marketing. There’s nothing more simple than sending out an email to the list of people who has agreed to receive email from you.

This is a good way to brand yourself as an expert on the product you sell. It’s a great way to build relationships with your subscribers. Ultimately it’s an excellent way to make money.

This is why so many affiliate marketers build a list before they attempt to sell their products. The same thing is true for network marketing as well as other business models.

It’s really not even selling when you send out an offer to an email list. It’s more top of mind awareness advertising. This is where you hit somebody who is in the mood for what you have to offer at the right time.

These are several tips on keeping it simple marketing. Put more effort into actually marketing, and when you get visitors to your site get as many of them to subscribe to your email list as possible.

We can help you keep it simple with our Daily Blogging Program. Check it out here!

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Internet Marketing Is A Marathon Not A Sprint

marathon-runnerWhen I first was getting started with Internet marketing I read somewhere that it is a marathon and not a sprint.That was true 12 years ago and it is even more true today.

You just are not going to hit your goal in 1 day, 1 week, or even 1 month! It takes time!

Here is a thought about Internet marketing and why so many people fail at it.

They go into it not seeing the big picture.

Think about this.

How many ways are there to make money online? There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of ways to make money online.

How many websites are attempting to market something on the Internet? There are literally millions if not billions of websites doing Internet marketing.

Many of these websites are now set up as blogs. There are millions of these started every month.

When you go to college you spend four years and $50,000 to get an education so you can go out and get a job. This is a tremendous investment of time and money on your part.

Why would you expect to get into Internet marketing and start making money right away? This is where people get confused and think Internet marketing is a sprint.

Depending on what your goals are it could take you several weeks if not years to hit them.

This is why I say Internet marketing is a marathon and not a sprint.sprinter-start

Marathon runners train by running many more miles then sprinters do. In the race a 100 meters takes less than 10 seconds. A marathon takes over two hours.

With Internet marketing you’re not going to achieve your goals quickly. However, if you’re willing to stick with them over the long haul you can be successful doing Internet marketing.

There are just too many examples of people who come into Internet marketing viewing it as a marathon and not a sprint who actually make it to the finish line. Come into it with reasonable expectations!

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55 Internet Marketing Tips

The 55 Internet marketing tips listed here will not apply to every online business, but if you were to take as many of them as you can, and apply them, you will get more traffic and make more money.

Many Internet marketers short change themselves by limiting their ways for promoting online.

Why do that?

The bottom line is the Internet does not discriminate against anyone. We all have the same chances as the next guy in our niche.

This is a really important point to understand. You have the same chance to make money as me.

The only thing that separates those who make money online from those that don’t is Internet marketing skill and application of those skills.

So here we go…..

pay-per-click-ads1. Pay per click advertising is the fastest way to generate website visitors. Google Adwords is the dominate player in ppc ads.

2. Banner advertising is a cost effective marketing strategy. Look at Adroll.

3. To make money you need quality traffic and a web page that converts visitors to customers.

4. The fortune is still in the follow up, but now you do that with an autoresponder. Aweber is the choice of Internet marketing gurus.

5. Free traffic is hard to achieve and most Internet marketers fail because they do not do paid advertising.

6. Viral marketing is unstoppable if you can make it happen.

7. Search engines read words not pictures.

8. SEO is short for search engine optimization.

9. People click on organic search results more then paid ones on Google.

10. Do you have a large keyword list for your niche?

11. Keywords send targeted traffic to your site.

12. Google is always looking for fresh, unique, quality, traffic.

13. Top marketers report articles of 1000-2000 words rank a page on Google.

keywords14. Themed content articles let you rank for many keywords as opposed to one targeted phrase.

15. Google analytics is a great way to understand the traffic you are getting.

16. Testing and making necessary changes is the key to long term Internet marketing success.

17. Google Adsense is still a great affiliate program if you choose a good niche for your website.

18. Content marketing means multiple things, more then just article writing.

19. Depending on your niche, long tail keyword phrases are easier to rank for then short competitive 2 and 3 word phrases.

20. Master 1 or two traffic generation strategies and focus on being successful with them.

21. Test before committing a large amount of money to paid advertising.

22. Keep your website content specific on each page.

23. Make your website easy to navigate around in.

24. Become an Internet spy to see what the top sites in your niche are doing to be successful.

25. Join the Warrior Forum.

26. Buy a War Room membership at the Warrior Forum.

start a blog27. Start a blog and update it constantly.

27. Use Headline Tags in all of your blog posts.

28 Announce what makes you different then your competition.

29. One quality backlink is better then 10 low value backlinks.

30. Join Aweber and use it to build your email list.

31. Put a sign up form to your email list above the fold where people can easily find it, inviting them to join your list.

32. Make list building your top priority.

33. Because everyone who comes to your site will leave get as many email addresses as possible.

34. An email list is a long term business address.

35. The money is in the list still applies to Internet marketing today.

36. A repeat visitor costs less to generate then a new one.

37. The upper 1/3 of a web page is the most valuable so use it to your advantage.

38. Make your blog look lively by adding pictures.

39. Add relevant videos to your web pages. Find them at You Tube.

you tube40. Update content by adding videos from You Tube.

41. Bookmark each blog post using Only Wire.

42. Reply to blog comments.

43. Answer all email.

44. People still like to buy from real people.

45. Make your contact us page easy to find.

46. Use a contact us form on a web page as opposed to your email address to avoid email spam.

47. Buy two domain names. One for your main site and one for advertising purposes that redirects to your landing page to build your list.

48. Buy a dot com domain because that is what people are used to seeing. We use Go Daddy to buy our domain names and have been happy with them for years.

49. Build 2 email lists. One of prospects and one of customers who have bought already.

50 Subscribe to your competitors email newsletters.

51. Develop a great thank you page to get add on sales when your customer is in the buying mood.

53. Buy the affiliate product before you try to sell it.

frequently asked questions52. Have a frequently asked question page on your site. This is a real time saver and offers good customer service to prospects and customers.

54. Set up a signature file in all emails and send people to your landing page to build your list.

55. Multiple streams of MLM income is easy to achieve today.

Why stop at 55? I am tired of writing.

I could list 554 if I wanted to. Internet marketing, and business models like affiliate marketing and network marketing take skills.

These can be learned both by educating yourself and from trial and error. When I started I bought Cory Rudl’s book on Internet Marketing Tips.

It was actually 2 books and it cost me $175. I consider it to be one of the best investments I ever made because I referred to it many times over the years.

Same thing with Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook. At the time it was the best book written on making money with affiliate marketing.

Do an search on Amazon and look for the best book on making money online. Or do a Google search for “best book on how to earn money online”.

You will not regret it!

Hire TeamSchuman to get our popular Done For You Blog Posts. We write, post, publish, and promote blog articles on your blog for you. You can choose to have your blog articles published daily, every other day, or every 3 days. Let us know if you have any questions!

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3 Internet Marketing Strategies To Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs offer an excellent way for anyone to make money. This business model works especially well when combined with Internet marketing.

Anyone can join an affiliate program and begin making money almost immediately. The key is to view your marketing strategies with an eye on long-term results. There are many ways you can go about this, but in this article we will provide 3 of the best Internet marketing strategies to make money with affiliate programs.

Email Marketing

1. Email marketing. Build your own email list and send affiliate offers to the subscribers.

When you initially start you may not have an email list to promote to. A way to go ahead and get started is to run ads in other peoples ezines.

This gives you a way to send out emails without having a list of your own. HBAds and EzineKing are two excellent sources for reaching high quality email newsletters.

After you get a few ads started you should begin building your own email list. One of the most important aspects of this is choosing the right autoresponder. 2 of the best are Aweber and Get Response.

AWeberI personally like Aweber and have been using them now for several years. They are very easy to work with, and have a very high rate of getting emails past spam filters.

You will need your own website or blog to send traffic to. The best way to do this is to create an opt in form and put it on all of your web pages.

You can also develop landing pages and promote those. There are many software programs available that will help you create free landing pages you can market online.

One other strategy is to purchase leads. If you choose Get Response as your autoresponder they have a program where they will build your list for you.

PPC Advertising

pay-per-click2. Pay Per Click Ads. This is the fastest way to begin promoting affiliate programs.

I like PPC University as an excellent site to learn about how to do ppc advertising the right way. You can also find the top ppc programs to start with including Google Adwords and Yahoo Marketing.

However, you will also find many other programs that have some excellent traffic buys for an inexpensive price. The Pay Per Click Search Engine Directory currently lists 225 companies.

Free Advertising

free-stuff3. Free advertising. Internet marketing and blogging let you trade your time for advertising dollars. These methods work if you enjoy writing and want to learn how to post blog articles and bookmark your blog posts.

Only Wire is a good program to bookmark your blog articles to the best social directories.

These are 3 of the best Internet marketing strategies to make money with affiliate programs. You can begin making money quickly, but expect to spend time learning more in depth about these proven strategies.

What is Hands Off Internet Marketing? Could we help you with it? Click here to learn more…http://www.TeamSchuman.com/hands-off-marketing/

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Has Your Blog Been Banned By Google?

One nightmare some bloggers go through is waking up one day and finding their blog is no longer ranking on Google’s organic results for keywords they were on just the day before.

This is also referred to as having your blog blacklisted by Google

Has that ever happened to you?

If you are at all concerned about ranking your blog on Google you pay attention to doing things the right way.

When you lose your rankings it may not always be that it has been blacklisted.

There could be other factors that have caused you to lose some of your rankings, but maybe not all of them!

How Can You Check If Your Blog Is Banned

Has Your Blog Been Banned By GoogleYou can start by checking it yourself. Do a simple Google search this way: “site:thisismyurl.com”

For TeamSchuman that would be: “site:teamschuman.com”

Do not type in http://, www., or the forward slash.

When I do this I see results so I know my site is not banned and is being spidered by Google. I also can rank for keywords.

Another thing you can do is go to your Google Webmaster Tools if you are using any of them. Many of us use Google Analytics and if that is still active your site is still being crawled by Google.

Adsense Banned?

Has Your Blog Been Banned By GoogleHow about if you use Adsense to make money? It is a sickening feeling to see your income go from $1k a month to zero because your Adsense account has been banned, or maybe just one specific site is no longer showing ads.

Here is how you can check for that….

Blacklis.com offers a free service to see if Google Adsense and Google is still running for your account. Just enter it the same way I talked about above in this article.

Most of us are not going to have any problems with Google if we keep everything above board. By that I mean just do things the right way.

Offer good quality content. Do not try and game the backlink system with questionable tactics to get more backlinks and rank your blog faster.

Take a slow approach to building authority blogs targeting longtail keyword phrases and just keep adding fresh content. This takes work, but the pay off is a blog that has consistent traffic and rankings form Google without getting your site banned or blacklisted.

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What Is Online Forum Marketing

When I started my article writer business I decided to put online forum marketing to a test.

I wanted to see if you I could use discussions forum to make contacts and get new customers who needed articles for their own websites, blogs, and for marketing purposes in article directories and email newsletters.

It worked!

In a very short time we had enough business to keep several native American English speaking writers busy.

Every time work got a little slow I made more posts in a handful of forums I was a member at, and I got new article customers almost every time.

Sometimes it was almost immediate.

Other times it took a couple of days to make new writing sales, but I always saw positive results.

In case you do not know what marketing in forums on the internet is here is my own quick definition.

Online Forum Marketing-What Is It?

forum3Online forum marketing is where you promote your business in internet discussion groups. You join a forum and begin to add to the discussions by making a post. To do it correctly you are not allowed to promote your business or products in the posts themselves. You do that by setting up a signature file when you register.

This sig file is where you can hyperlink a keyword phrase back to your website. In my case I hyperlinked article writer back to my home page for our article writing business. Then every time I made a post in the forums I belong to I got a backlink to my website for the words article writer.

The backlinks helped my Team Schuman site rank on Google for the keywords I hyperlinked in my signature file. Also, the more posts I made the more exposure my sig file got and the more traffic and new customers I got as well.

Online Forum Marketing-Benefits

what is forum marketingHere are the benefits of forum marketing.

1. You can learn a lot for free. When I started out with my TeamSchuman.com website I was to intimidated to make a post, so I just read what other people were posting. I hung out in the Warrior Forum and really learned a lot that helped my business grow.

2. When you post you are helping another person. As I gained more knowledge I started posting and answering people’s questions. This is a great feeling to help another person. If you believe in the law of give and you shall receive then online forum marketing is for you.

3. You will get free advertising from your sig file. People will read your post, look at you sig file, and click on the link. This takes them to your website which gives you free traffic. In the case of our article writing business we have never advertised and all of our business came from forum marketing and posting in my blogs. We also built our email list and sold affiliate and MLM products.

4. Backlinks. One other thing that is cool is that the search engines will give you credit for a backlink when you hyperlink your keyword phrase back to your website. We are now in the top 10 on Google for the phrase article writer which brings us very targeted website traffic.

Online forum marketing takes a little bit of time to do everyday. If you are committed to doing it as one of your free marketing methods it will work.

Set a simple goal to make 5 new posts a week, or hang out in your favorite forums 3 times a week. Just make it easy to do so you stick with whatever amount of time you have.

Online Forum Marketing-Where To Start

forums4Getting started in forum marketing is one of the easiest ways to do Internet marketing.

That is, it’s easy once you have a few forums to start hanging out in.

Here is a very comprehensive list of internet marketing forums.

A few excellent forums I am in are:

Warrior Forum This is my favorite and is the top internet marketing forum online today. I visit it several times every week to keep up with what is going on in the world of Internet marketing.

Associate Programs Forum. This is the premiere affiliate marketing forum in my view. Allan Gardyne started this back in 1998 and has helped thousands of people learn how to do affiliate marketing the right way.

Digital Point. With over 150,000 members and almost 800,000 this is one of the largest forums online today.

Work At Home Forum is a friendly community offering help to people who work at home.

Affiliate Power group is a paid membership site with a very good forum for people who want hands on coaching to make money with affiliate programs.

These are the main ones I am in for my Team Schuman business. You can Google search forums, or online discussion groups for any topic and find a few that will be relevant for your type of business.

For example, if you have a website about babies you could search “baby discussion forums” and it brings up over 59 million results. Find a couple you like and join them. Then jump in. If you do it right online forum marketing is a great way to learn, help people and to build your business at the same time.

If you are looking for more information here is a great free ebook called Forum Super Tips. Although it was printed several years ago it still has great advice today.

Online marketing in forums is one of those Internet marketing methods that works if you do it correctly and give it some time. One thing for sure, you will start making a lot of friends.

This can lead to a new joint venture opportunity. You never know where it will take your business.

Online forum marketing is fun and can be very profitable. Once you get in the habit of doing it you will find it is one thing about marketing on the Internet you can actually control.

Need help with Internet marketing? Check out our Hands Off Internet Marketing, It is a program that answers the question how can I promote my business on the Internet? We are going to help you market your local business, or niche business on the Internet on a monthly basis. If you have been looking for someone to help market your business we can do that.

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