2 Free Online Marketing Ideas For Local Businesses

If your goal is to make money online you will need to master online marketing strategies.

I do not care whether you operate primarily an offline local business or an Internet business.

The great thing about having a local business is you can promote it on the Internet with less competition then websites in niches marketing to a wider audience on the world wide web.

Your market is local to the area you are in. As long as you have a responsive website that is mobile friendly you have an excellent chance of ranking on page one of Google where you can be found.

However, in this article let’s talk about 2 free online marketing ideas for local businesses that can be helpful regardless of your current business model.

Free Online Marketing Ideas For Local Businesses-Website


Is it really possible that over 50% of all small local businesses still do not have a website? That number might be higher if you consider offline businesses and home based businesses.

That really doesn’t make any sense! In today’s worldwide economy you simply cannot make money without having an online presence.

The best way to set up your own website is with a WordPress theme. You can find thousands of these for free or you can spend a little bit of money and buy an elegant theme.

Set your site up as a blog with a static home page. Continue to add content by adding new posts with words, graphics, and videos.

Not only do you need a website, but you need one that’s properly structured for both your target audience and search engines. Once you understand search engine optimization you will appreciate how much Internet traffic you can get from it for free.

Almost every small business can rank for their targeted keyword phrases. This is especially true for businesses that are trying to rank in a local market where there’s not as much competition.

Ranking for a targeted keyword phrase leads to consistent Internet traffic. Once you solidify your rankings that traffic will continue to come even after you have stopped promoting it.

If you want to spend a little bit of money you can do pay per click advertising. Although this is not free online marketing, it can be affordable Internet marketing with programs such as Google Adwords and Yahoo marketing.

Free Online Marketing Ideas For Local Businesses-Freebies


Give away free things to entice people to come to your website. You can still do this with free online marketing such as blogging, article marketing, and video marketing.

Another good strategy is to build an email list by offering freebies to the list. Send out offers to your list after people subscribe to it by giving away even more freebies. This is a good way to build up goodwill which could ultimately lead to paying customers.

You can purchase an autoresponder to manage your list for about $20 a month. As your list grows send out worthwhile emails as many times as you want and it doesn’t cost you one penny more to do it.

Email marketing is truly one of the best free online marketing strategies. Building a quality list is an asset that can be every bit as profitable as anything your business owns.

As your list grows you can email it every time you update your site. Just send out an email with a snippet of content from your new blog post and a link back to your blog.

In summary these are 2 free online marketing ideas for local businesses. Do not over complicate it. These are proven methods that work for any offline or online business owner.

What is Hands Off Internet Marketing? Could we help you with it? Click here to learn more…http://www.TeamSchuman.com/hands-off-marketing/

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Local Business Owners Are Really Profiting From Internet Marketing

Local small business owners are taking advantage of small business Internet marketing more and more every day.

I’m very impressed with how these small businesses are using the Internet to make money online.

It really doesn’t matter how big or small the business is either.

Finding ways to get more traffic to your company website is the key to success.

You do have a website don’t you?

How about a blog?

You need one or the other!

In many cases small businesses with a website have added a blog and use it as an easy way to keep their site updated and as a way to maintain contact with their customer base and new prospects.

In many other instances the blog is the actual website. This is especially true with newer businesses who are lucky enough to not have struggled with the bulky older software and website building tools.

Offline Marketing Still Works-Not Yellow Pages Though


This doesn’t mean that small business owners are moving 100% away from offline marketing strategies. Direct mail, newspaper, radio, and local cable television still provide good strategies for promoting any business.

I know this is still working because I see many of the same businesses doing it over and over. This is really noticeable for certain business categories that do direct mail.

The one exception to that might be the local yellow pages. Where I live south of Denver it is amazing to me how many people throw these away without ever looking at them. Very few people I talk to even use Yellow Pages anymore.


They are quickly outdated. People want things that are up to date at that moment.

Almost everyone searches the Internet to find things today. Some of them do it on their computer, while others are using their mobile phones more often. I see more people with a tablet at their table then a laptop,

Even retired people are getting the hang of it. Anyone can learn how to look things up online. That means as a local business you need a responsive website or blog so people can find you and see you in the right size for what they are searching on.

Improved Reaction Time

One of the big benefits local business owners have with Internet marketing is the ability to react quickly to what’s going on in the marketplace. This is another reason why yellow pages no longer work.

You can make changes to your website and have those online in a matter of minutes. If you are doing pay per click advertising you can alter your ads for your targeted keyword phrases based on what your competitors are doing as well.


If you find one strategy is working for generating traffic you can increase that and quickly get more visitors to your website. Social media has played a big role in this.

Track Results

One other thing I like about Internet marketing for local businesses is the ability to track results. Google Analytics makes it very easy to see what kind of advertising is working and what is not.

In the past you had to rely on a secretary taking a survey on the phone, or a salesperson asking the customer where did you hear about us? Although this provided some helpful data, it was mostly incomplete because as people got busy they never took the time to find out where people heard about the company from.

Get A Website

There are still small business owners who do not have a website. They are the ones that are missing out! At this point there is no doubt Internet marketing is one of the best thing that’s ever happened to local business owners, but not if you are not being found!

Hands Off Marketing

Maybe we can help you with your marketing in a Hands Off Way! What is Hands Off Internet Marketing?

Could we help you with it? Click here to learn more…http://www.TeamSchuman.com/hands-off-marketing/

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Local Marketing Strategies That Help You Get New Customers

Having a local business means that you need customers that are local and you have to find ways to attract these customers to your business easily.

You need to have your business online these days or you will lose a lot of customers and that is why you need to know some local marketing strategies that are effective for any business.

Most people these days use the internet to provide them with information or to help them locate products or services, even when they are searching for local businesses. Getting your business online will provide them with an easy way to find your business.

Before you can take your business online, you need to have your own website or blog. If you don’t know how to set this up on your own, then outsource it so you have an online store customers can visit.

Now you need to know that there are many marketing strategies you need to use to attract new customers.

Here are some of the most effective online strategies every local business needs to be using these days.

Local Marketing Strategies

One: Search Engine Optimization

This is highly effective method that will take time to learn how to use and to put into action. Once you get it going though, this will be one of your most powerful strategies for getting new customers.

Two: Social Network Marketing

This allows you with a way to get the word out about your business, but to also socialize and interact with your customers.

This will allow your customers the chance to know more about your, your products or services and your business, which makes many people feel more comfortable handing their money over to you.

Three: Blogging

People love blogs these days and having one for your business is definitely vital. Blogs give your customers a way to stay informed about your business, products or services.

It also gives them a way they can easily interact with you, which is very important to many people before they will willingly hand you their money. Use our Daily Blogging Program if you need blog content.

Four: Video Marketing

Create videos using Animoto and publish them on You Tube. Then post the video on your blog. You will stand out from your competitors when you do this.

To help you get your business online and to help you attract new customers, these are the most effective local marketing strategies that you need to use. For anyone that really wants their business to be successful, you need to use these strategies because your customers are heading to the internet more than ever these days and will also in the future.

What is Hands Off Internet Marketing? Could we help you with it? Click here to learn more.

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What Are The Keys To Local Small Businesses Achieving Success?

Are you a business owner that is struggling to make your local business successful, but can’t seem to figure out the keys to achieving that goal?

Then you need to understand what these keys are for successful local small businesses so you can start using them to help you build your business to achieve the success that you know it can.

There are many things required for building a successful business, but there are only a few vital keys every business owner needs.

The following are the most essential keys to success for any local business that is trying to achieve this goal.

customersOne: Customers – Every business has to have customers in order to make money and become successful. The customers are the main key for any business because without them, you will never achieve your goals.

You have to understand that many local customers prefer to shopping on the internet these days. So, you need to make sure that you get your business online where you can be easily found.

You have to ensure that you do everything you can to find new customers every day, including going where they are. That is why the next key is so vital.

marketingTwo: Marketing – Marketing is effective and allows you to attract customers that are local which you need. You want to use offline marketing methods and online marketing methods.

Your customers are in both places these days when they search for products or services. Marketing is the best way to get your business in front of a lot of different people.

There are many methods that you want to use to attract customers, but some of the most effective ones include:

– SEO or search engine optimization
– Pay Per Click
– Blog marketing
– Social networking
– Forum marketing
– Video marketing
– Link building

The more methods you use, the more customers you will attract. Just be sure that you use search engine optimization first because this is the number one method for getting traffic to your business.

The sooner you can get placed in the free search engine results, the sooner you will start receiving new customers. It is important to take time to learn how to correctly do this because it will allow you to easily achieve success with your business faster.

These are the two keys that will allow local small businesses become successful. Now that you know what these keys are, you need to do everything you can to start using them today. Just remember that marketing will lead you to customers, so be sure you use the methods that are effective so you see the successful results that you need.

If you need help check out our Hands Off Internet Marketing Program. What is Hands Off Internet Marketing? Could we help you with it? Click here to learn more…

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Do Small Town Businesses Need Internet Marketing?

I used to live in Imperial, Nebraska, a small town of around 2,000 people. There are thousands of small towns like this in America and millions worldwide.

There is a huge market for those of us doing internet marketing to help small town businesses with their Internet marketing.

In many cases many of these business do not even have a website, much less an online marketing plan.

People who do local business marketing struggle with where to draw the line in terms of businesses to contact.

Do these small town businesses really need Internet marketing?

small-town-main-streetTo answer that question you need to look at how these businesses are currently promoting themselves.

See this basically being done in three ways.

1. Local telephone book.

2. Local newspaper.

3. Local radio.

The primary benefit to promoting your business in a local market is announcing what specials you are currently running. I know for a fact that there is a big push in small-town businesses to get people to shop locally.

It certainly is easy to shop online no matter where you live. However, every time you do that you hurt a local business if you could buy the same thing from them.

Even if you spend a little bit more money to drive down to your local retail store, it’s something you must do if you expect a business to be there next year. Support your local businesses or they will leave!

Based on that I do think small town businesses need some form of Internet marketing.

Business Website

website-smartphoneIt is still amazing how many businesses do not have a website. A small local business needs a website every bit as much as any other offline business regardless of where they are located.

As more people use the Internet for various things it’s only natural for them to shop online. If you have a website you can constantly update it to reflect whatever promotion you are currently running.

You can put your website address in your local newspaper advertising. You can put it in the local telephone book as well.

The website becomes a place where people go to find out what specials you are currently running. It also gives you a chance to sell things online that you might not sell at your local store.

I see more local businesses doing affiliate marketing than ever before. This is a great way to develop a new profit center for your small business that it wouldn’t otherwise have.

Regardless of the size of your business, and the size of the town you are in, every business needs Internet marketing in one form or another! If you expect to survive and thrive in the coming years you must be able to compete not only in your local market but on a worldwide scale as well.

Internet marketing is the best way to do this and it is imperative that you get your business in the game!

What is Hands Off Internet Marketing? Could we help you with it? Click here to learn more…http://www.TeamSchuman.com/hands-off-marketing/

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Promote My Small Business

Most small business owners struggle with the question of how to promote my small business.

If this describes you do not feel bad, you are in good company!

Depending on how busy you are you may be spending a considerable amount of time each week trying different things to get your phone to ring. Or even worse, you may not be spending much time at all because you do not want to waste money on what used to work, but is not working anymore.

Yellow pages would fall into this category!

Not so long ago every small business owner ran an ad in their local yellow pages in the category for their business. In metropolitan areas some businesses ran ads in a BIG book and then also ran ads in local areas books.

This worked and was an easy way to target a market one time and then wait for the phone to ring. Yellow pages do not work for most small business owners to promote their business in today’s marketing and advertising world.

So how can you promote your small business effectively and efficiently today?

Let me offer some proven Internet strategies. These involve social media and creating more of a social presence online.

Promote My Small Business-Blog

promote my small businessDoes your business have a blog? Do you add content to it at least on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis?

Blogging is a good way to get the attention of your target audience as well as the attention of the search engines. I would suggest trying to rank on Google because they still get more traffic then all other search engines combined including Yahoo and Bing.

How important is blogging?

Do a Google search for your niche and see what your competition is doing. For example, when I do a Google search for “Denver Plumber” one of the top organic results is Bell Plumbing.

When I go to their website I see they have a blog and Gary Bell is doing a great job of posting useful content to it on a very regular basis. This is one of the reasons Google ranks Bell Plumbing at the top of the organic results.

Promote My Small Business-You Tube

promote my small businessWere you aware that You Tube is the 3rd most visited site online every month trailing only Google and Facebook? Since Google owns You Tube it makes sense that you would want to have some videos published targeting keywords that people would be searching for.

It is not surprising that Bell Plumbing has their own channel on You Tube and are using it to educate their customers and prospective customers. This is a great way to build the credibility of your company not to mention getting your phone to ring.

So why doesn’t more small businesses use You Tube?

1. They do not know how to create videos.

2. They do not know how to market their videos.

3. They do not want to learn how because of the “lack of time” factor.

We understand this and have for several years now! We take the time factor excuse away for you.

Team Schuman uses Animoto to create and publish videos for small business owners and niche Internet marketers. We have literally done hundreds of these videos and you can view what they look like on our Hands Off Video Channel.

These are professional slide series videos that are published on You Tube as well as on your blog. It is affordable and again we do it for you which allows you to start promoting your business online in ways you are not doing it right now.

Learn more about our Hands Off Marketing Program where we create videos and market your business online here: http://www.teamschuman.com/hands-off-marketing/

Promote My Small Business-Backlinks

promote my small businessSocial networking is a great way to drive traffic to your blog as well as help improve your ranking on Google. The way to do this is make more blog posts and then bookmark the post into social sites using a service such as Only Wire.

I would suggest adding the embed code of your You Tube video on your blog post as well before your bookmark it. Google will love you and the backlinks you get from social bookmarking will increase the page rank of your site and blog.

When you do this you are giving yourself multiple ways to promote you business! Traffic can come from You Tube itself, from your blog, or from the social sites you are linking on.

This is a great strategy and one that let’s you drive passive traffic in the future from these videos and backlinks. Consider this to be a long term way to promote your business over and over 24 hours a day without doing anymore work once the video and backlinks are online where people can find them.

Promote My Small Business-More Social Media

promote my small businessIf you really want to dominate your small business category online get more involved in social media. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus are all good ways to do this.

Appoint someone in your company to stay on top of this and promote your small business. It is worth the time and money in terms of the increased business you will get from it.

The key is to be social once you have your social accounts set up. The mistake you want to avoid is setting up your social pages and then ignoring them.

Doing this can actually hurt your business. However, when you are social you create relationships with potential customers and this is an easy and inexpensive way to market online.

What If All Of This Is Too Much Work?

Promote My Small BusinessPromoting a small business with social media can be time consuming. For many small business owners it is tough to find the time to be consistent with it!

With that inb mind let me say that Team Schuman has an affordable program to help you with some of this called Hands Off Marketing. We can do the blogging, videos, and social bookmarking cheaper then you can do it yourself, or pay an employee to do it.

Plus we know what we are doing already. This eliminates the time robbing element of learning how to promote your small business because we do the social media marketing for you.

Learn more about Hands Off Internet Marketing here: http://www.TeamSchuman.com/hands-off-marketing/


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Cheyenne Local Business Marketing Tips

My name is Jeff Schuman. I am an account executive with Townsquare Media Cheyenne.

I help local businesses in Cheyenne, Wyoming grow their business with affordable advertising and online marketing.

I can be reached by email or phone:

o: 307.632.4400
c: 720.440.3898

My goal as I write about advertising and marketing tips for Cheyenne, Wyoming business owners is to connect with business owners in Cheyenne by providing useful information and tips you can use to increase exposure and sales for your business.

As you know we live in a competitive marketing world right now. For your business to stand out you must be visible in multiple ways.

The old days of running an ad in the Yellow Pages are gone. That does not work anymore. You need a combination of online and offline marketing that puts you where your customers can find you when they need you.

Top Of Mind Awareness

top of mind awarenessThis is often referred to as Top Of Mind Awareness, or TOMA for short. Here is what Wikipedia says about TOMA:

“Top-of-mind awareness (TOMA) is a brand or specific product coming first in customers’ minds when thinking of a particular industry.

Companies attempt to build brand awareness through media exposure on channels such as internet, radio, newspapers, television, magazines, and social media”.

Most businesses can not afford to do it all. I understand this and work with you to find affordable marketing solutions that work based on your needs and budget.

I can help you achieve this in multiple ways including radio advertising, Internet marketing, and social media. The key is to do what works and then re-invest a portion of your profits back into more advertising to grow your exposure here in Cheyenne.

Radio Advertising Works

cheyenne local business advertising

Radio advertising provides an amazing value for local business marketing. The reason is simple.

People turn to local radio for music, news, weather, and to find companies to do business with. A few years ago there was a push to get shoppers to buy local. That has not changed.

In spite of websites such as Amazon where you can buy just about anything online, most of us prefer to do business with people we know and trust. From a shopping standpoint I think we all realize that if we do not support our local businesses they are going to go out of business.

This is where radio advertising can really help you build your brand. People are listening to radio more then ever.

This is due to the fact they can listen in multiple ways. You can log online and listen to your computer at work. Download a radio app and listen on your smartphone. Listen in your car, or at home the old fashioned way.

People are listening. Do they hear your ad?

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

mobile friendlyDo you have a website? Is it mobile friendly? Better yet is it responsive?

A responsive website adjusts to the device used to search for it. It automatically adjusts whether the searcher is on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Google reports that over 60% of all searches are now done on a mobile device. Most of us never have our smartphone more then 3 feet away from us at anytime.

We use it to search for information and Google knows this. Google gets more traffic everyday then all other search engines combined, including Yahoo and Bing.

Based on this fact alone you need a mobile friendly website and you need it now. Google is in the process of changing their algorithms to only rank websites that are mobile friendly.

local mobile searchIn local business search this gives you a great opportunity to move ahead of your competitors by improving your company website and making it mobile friendly. If you do this, and they do not, you are the one that will be found on Google!

This should be your #1 priority because it will have a positive effect on all of your other advertising as well. Your website helps you establish your brand in a positive way, and move it in a position to dominate your market when you begin to advertise in various ways such as radio advertising in Cheyenne, banners ads online, direct mail, newspaper and so on.

A poorly designed website reflects badly on your company. If someone goes to their mobile phone to search for you what are they finding?

Social Media

social-mediaFor most business owners Facebook and Twitter are social sites to be used for someone else in their family. I know my wife is on Facebook more in a day then I am on it in a month.

I personally use Twitter on regular basis because it is easy to Tweet about something and I am in the habit of doing it. Not so much with Facebook.

Here is the key point to understand about social media. It is not about whether you like it or not.

What really matters is your customers are using it for both personal and business uses. This is what I call a clue.

Your business needs a presence on Facebook and Twitter. You need to get set up with them and then you need to become active interacting with your followers ad friends. This is a fairly easy way to increase your business and it only costs you time unless you pay an employee or hire a company like Townsqure Media to handle your social media for you.

Do you need other accounts like Pinterest and Instagram?

social-network-membersI will be the first to admit that social media marketing is endless. You could hire a full time employee just to do it and in some businesses this is a good idea.

For most small business owners getting social beyond Facebook and Twitter is not necessary. The returns for the amount of time it takes is not worth it.

Townsquare media knows this and offers to keep your Facebook and Twitter accounts updated for you if you can not do it yourself. Again this goes back to branding your business and being there people when people are looking for you.

You Tube

buy a blog postThe only exception to that might be You Tube.

You Tube is the third most visited site everyday right behind Google and Facebook. Google owns You Tube and you can use this to your businesses advantage.

Publishing videos on You Tube and then adding those to your company website is good for social media marketing and it is good for organic rankings on Google and You Tube.

People use You Tube as a search engine, so having a few videos there can lead to more traffic to your website. Having your phone number in the headline of your video and in the description box underneath it gives people one more way to find you.

Does Your Business Have A Blog?

cheyenne marketing tipsHaving a blog for your business in Cheyenne serves 2 purposes. The first is important and you can control it.

1. Keep your customers updated on what is going on in your business.

2. Google rankings.

We have established that Google wants to rank your business for the keywords people are typing into their browser. You can help them do this when you blog about your business.

Google spiders words. The more words your website has the more chances you are going to be found on Google for.

People type in longtail words now more then ever. Instead of “Plumber” they will type in “plumber to fix my water heater in Cheyenne, Wyoming”. If you have these words on your website Google will find them and deliver your website to their organic results where a potential customer can find you.

A blog is the best and fastest way to keep your site updated. As a matter of fact blogs are replacing website templates and being used more often as a website. They are not even referred to as blogs anymore.

Need Help?

cheyenne advertising helpI can help you with your Cheyenne local business marketing! I am a senior member of the Warrior Forum which is the world’s largest Internet marketing forum with almost 1 million members worldwide.

I subscribe to some of the top marketing newsletters myself. I keep up to date on what is working and what is no longer working in the world of Internet and offline marketing. I will update this blog on a regular basis, so please check back often.

Feel free to contact me by phone or email. Be sure and ask for Jeff Sr. Subscribe to my free monthly Cheyenne Marketing Tips newsletter here.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

jeff schumanJeff Schuman

o: 307.632.4400
c: 720.440.3898

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Marketing Help For My Cheyenne Small Business

Small business owners in Cheyenne, Wyoming struggle with many of the same problems that small businesses all over the United States struggle with.

Certainly one of the biggest issues right now is how to market a small business in an effective way with so many options to choose from.

One thing I try and do is get to know the local business owner first before even starting to put together marketing help.

Each business is unique and has their own needs I try to meet.

Marketing Help For My Cheyenne Small BusinessThe only way to figure out what those needs are is to talk about them. Most Cheyenne business owners understand their business. They know who the top competitors are, and they know if they are a better company as well.

The hard part is conveying that to prospective customers, and in many cases even staying in touch with old customers is a problem.

This is where my marketing help for a Cheyenne small business is helpful. It all starts with me learning about your business.

I am not meeting to sell you anything on the first visit and never coming back. That does not work in a small community like Cheyenne.

Long term business relations is how you have grown your business, and it is how I do business as well. It is truly a marketing partnership.

Client Needs Assessment

Marketing Help For My Cheyenne Small BusinessThis all starts by doing a client needs assessment, or CNA for short. This is a fancy way of saying “tell me about your marketing goals”.

A good CNA focuses on establishing who your target customer is and how you are going about reaching them right now. Most Cheyenne business owners understand they need to be doing more advertising, but are not really sure what they should do first.

I need to understand what are the features and benefits you want to get across in your marketing. These are going to be about your company and your products.

Are you doing digital marketing now? Do your customers interact with you beyond a phone call, email, or website visit?

A client needs assessment ends up being really good for both of us. It is a really part of helping you market your business in Cheyenne.

I want to do business with the top businesses in each category. When I do that it becomes a win-win -win situation for you, me, and your customers.

Is Your Website Responsive?

Marketing Help For My Cheyenne Small BusinessThat is what my job is. Today successful marketing help for Cheyenne small businesses starts with analyzing your current website.

It is common for a website to look good, but lack in the design Google and other search engines are requiring. Many websites are set up using a template that is not responsive.

This just means the site does not re-size for the device being used to search on. For example, if your site is not mobile friendly it is not going to look right when someone views it on their mobile phone.

Google knows that over 60% of all searches are now being done on a mobile phone. That number is only going to increase. They only want tot rank sites on their organic search results if your website is mobile friendly.

This is the most important thing you must do right now before putting any other marketing into place. There is no sense running radio ads, or doing any Internet marketing or social media marketing, if it sends people to a website that is poorly designed.

I can help you with that and at a price that will surprise you. Call or email me and let’s talk about it. Be sure and ask for Jeff Sr.


Jeff D. Schuman Sr.
O: 307-632-4400 C: 720.440.3898

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How Can I Increase Traffic To My Cheyenne Business Website

Do you have a great website for your Cheyenne Business that no on is seeing?

A website with no traffic is like a great restaurant that opens everyday at 6:00 a.m. and closes at 6:01 a.m.

When your site is not getting traffic you are not open for business.

When your website is getting traffic you are open for business 24 hours a day. This i a powerful point that many businesses are not capitalizing on.

Most offline business have scheduled business hours and employees that are there to answer the phone and take care of customers.

In the mobile world of today, people are looking for your business when they are ready to do that, no matter what time of day it is. Your website should be a full time employee that works for you around the clock.

Of course this will only work if people can find it.

So how can you get more traffic?

Social Media Marketing

How Can I Increase Traffic To My Cheyenne Business WebsiteI think many times we view this as grunt work. It takes up time and is not worth the effort.

Sadly with a little bit of time investment you can increase your website traffic in a big way. Even if you do not have the time to do it, or the manpower to spare with your current employees, how about outsourcing?

This is a tactic that many offline business owners are not aware of, or do not take advantage of. Online business owners are using this to their advantage so why not you?

Let me give you an example!

Fiverr.com is a website where you can hire people to do things for you at a ridiculous price of $5.

I just went there and did a search for “social media marketing” without the quotation marks.

Some of the results I found included….

– You Tube marketing
– Facebook engagement
– SEO backlinks
– Twitter Tweets
– Blog writing

And much more…..

Take advantage of Fiverr to do your social media marketing for you.

Start A Blog

start a cheyenne business website blogI think many business people are intimidated about blogging because they do not know how to start a blog, and they are afraid they will not know what to write about.

If people are interested in what you sell they will be interested in your blog if you do blogging the right way.

A blog is a great way to help your business rank on Google for keywords people are searching for. This is known as search engine optimization, or SEO for short.

You do not even need to get technical to make this work for you. Just add content in the form of words, graphics, and videos, and let Google find your post. They will decide what words are important and rank you for them.

You may have someone at your company who could do this for you. You could hire a blog writer and let them write content and even post it on your blog. This more affordable then you may realize at around $10 an article.

Email Newsletter

Do you have a list of email subscribers you are sending a newsletter and business updates to? You should!

This is another easy way to drive traffic to your website. An email newsletter works great for businesses that blog and have an update they want to announce.

It works great to keep your subscribers up to date with news that is relevant to the theme of your business. An email could also just be something short your list of subscribers might be interested in.

You do not even need to sell for it to be effective. As a matter of fact using your email newsletter as a traffic generation source can be an effective tool for long term customer relations even when you are not selling!

cheyenne-website-trafficGetting the newsletter together and emailing it out is the easy part. The hard part is getting people to subscribe to it.

I know many successful businesses that promote a landing page on the Internet to build their email list. Some just make it available on their website as well.

Ken at McGee, Hearne, and Paiz  LLP does a great job with their newsletter. When I joined a Cheyenne Chamber Biz Link Group he was in he sent me an email inviting me to subscribe to their newsletter,which of course I did. I have already received my first issue! Great job Ken.

Here is another example. At Townsquare Media Cheyenne we are able to build our list at events such as Cheyenne Frontier Days when people register to win things. You can use the same marketing strategy at your own business.

For sure you should have a sign up form on all of your web pages and I would add it to the sidebar of your blog above the fold where people can easily find it. Look at the sidebar of my Cheyenne Marketing Tips blog here and you see a sign up form for my tips newsletter.

I use this to build my own email list. My end game with this is building relationships with my subscribers so we can work together in the future in one way or another to grow your own business with radio advertising or online marketing products I sell.

Offline Marketing

cheyenne-website-advertisingInclude your website on all offline advertising you do. I just looked at the new Dex Yellow Pages that came out here in Cheyenne and was not surprised to find display ads of all sizes that did not have a website url listed.

Did you know that some people who take the time to go to the Yellow Pages are in the research phase and would go to your website if you listed it? This is a way to maximize your advertising dollars in more then one way.

The same thing is true with newspaper advertising in the Cheyenne Tribune, or direct mail pieces in a Val Pak mailer. You should be complementing this form of advertising by listing your website url.

How about radio ads? Include your website as well as your phone number or physical location. This is giving people one more way to remember you and find you when they want to. If you listen to KGAB, Cowboy Country, or King 101.9 you are going to hear our websites mentioned off and on all day long!

If you do not have a website you need to get one. If your website is poorly designed it is time to improve it, so when someone does go to it they are getting a favorable impression of your business.


Increase Traffic To My Cheyenne Business WebsiteAt the start of this article we asked the question “how can I increase traffic to my Cheyenne business website“? These are a few ideas that do work.

They do not cost a lot of money, and I would submit they do not take a lot of time. I wrote this article in less then 45 minutes.

It will rank on Google where you can find it when doing a keyword search and that works out to really cheap advertising on my part!

Need help marketing your business in Cheyenne, Wyoming?I can help you with online marketing, and/or radio advertising and at a price that will surprise you. Call or email me and let’s talk about it. Be sure and ask for Jeff Sr.


Jeff D. Schuman Sr.
O: 307-632-4400 C: 720.440.3898

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No More Struggling With Small Business Social Media Marketing

Right now social media marketing is hot!

The way people get information online from social networking is amazing.

Small businesses are having a hard time marketing their business.

Because people are getting their information online Yellow Pages no longer work.

SEO is too hard for most small business owners to do. However, social media marketing is something any business owner can do.

Here are 4 ways they can benefit from small business social media marketing.

Small Business Social Media Marketing-Blogging

Small Business Social Media Marketing

Start a blog for your business. You do not even need to do your own writing if you choose not to. You can hire a blog writer to write your content.

Some small businesses will benefit from this more than others. However, this is a great way to build a mailing list and keep in touch with your potential and existing customers.

Today many business owners use a blog for their website. WordPress offers many excellent themes that are easy to set up as a website.

Set your primary page as a static page home page. You can also add fresh content in various categories making it easier for your readers to quickly find what they are looking for.

Small Business Social Media Marketing-Videos

Small Business Social Media Marketing

Do video marketing. You Tube is owned by Google and they rank videos at the top of their search results.

This is a good way to advertise a new product your company has to offer. It is a great way to educate the public about your company. You will seem more professional than your competitors.

You can make it easy on yourself and use Animoto to create your videos. They have many video templates to choose from and you can customize each video with graphics and music.

Here are some videos Team Schuman has created for our Hands Off Internet Marketing customers. We started using Animoto over a year ago.

Small Business Social Media Marketing-Twitter

Small Business Social Media Marketing

Set up a Twitter account. When you you have something important to announce You can post a tweet.

John Elway uses his Twitter account to update Denver Bronco fans on things he is doing to improve the team. Any business can develop a list of followers and use Twitter to sell more products, or just help get your phone to ring.

It is interesting to note that if you talk to the younger generation they will tell you Twitter and Instagram are the social sites they use. They also avoid email and keep in touch via text.

Small Business Social Media Marketing-Facebook

Small Business Social Media Marketing

Do you have a Facebook business page? This is the top social networking site on the Internet today. They currently are the second largest website in terms of traffic trailing only Google.

It is smart to set your local business up with a Facebook account. Set up groups within your business that people would want to be part of.

Learn how to use Facebook to build relationships with potential customers. You can even do paid advertising targeting customers by their interests.

Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and You Tube.

Successful small businesses understand that social media marketing is not going away. You can either get started or fall behind.

Need blog content? Let us help you out with our Daily Blogger Program! Click here to learn more.

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