Do Home Business Blogs Make Money?

Do Home Business Blogs Make MoneyThe question of whether home business blogs make money or not is very relevant in the world of Internet marketing right now.

After all blogging is Internet marketing.

At least it can be if you promote your blog posts with the idea marketing for a profit.

Having a home business blog is considered more the norm then the exception anymore. Thousands of new blogs are started everyday all over the world.

Starting a blog is easy and inexpensive. I call it a home business blog because most people blog from home. However, you see more and more people blogging anywhere they can get Internet access.

People are blogging at Starbucks, their local library, at the beach, in a hotel, or even in the front seat of their car.

So if they are blogging to make money how are they doing it, or are they really even making money?

Home Business Blogs Make Money-Yes They Do

I am not a member of Empower Network, but I am very impressed with their blogging system and home business opportunity. There is no way to grow from zero to almost 30,000 members in less than two years without somebody making money!

I’m also very impressed with niche blogs. You see these on every category imaginable. Some of them are based on very broad themes while others are more of a micro-niche blog.

When you think about it it’s pretty neat that somebody who has never written anything in the past can sit down and start a blog and make money with it. It’s also pretty cool to think you can do this from the comfort of your own home.

So how are bloggers making money in the home business niche?

Promote A Home Business Opportunity

Networking marketing is a good example of this. The MLM blogger blogs about his or her business opportunity.

Their goal is to create a sales funnel building an email list or getting people to come back to their blog over and over. A sales funnel is really top of mind awareness advertising.

Get your prospect into an auotrepsponder and follow up with them until they are ready to join your MLM business. Focus on getting names and email address in the funnel.

Google Adsense

That is one way Team Schuman makes money. We have the Google Ads on our blog and earn money whenever someone clicks on one of the ads.

Google sells the ads for you. Just add their script and a banner or text will show up automatically.

This is a great way to make money with a home business blog. Focus on content creation and nothing more.

Affiliate Marketing

Join affiliate programs and get paid by the sale, get paid by the lead, get paid by the clcik, get paid to recruit people into a 2 tier affiliate program, or even start your own affiliate program.

The biggest affiliate programs to join are Amazon, ClickBank, Max Bounty, and of course Google Adsense. These are all free to join and offer marketing tools to add to your blog so you can make money from the traffic you drive to it.

With Amazon you will have access to both physical and digital products to sell. Clickbank is a digital informatuion affiliate program.

Googe Adsense is the largest ppc affiliate program. A good source for 2 tier affiliate programs is here:

Before you decide to start your own affiliate program consider all of the pros and cons. Everything is not going to be easy for you.

do home business blogs make moneyIf you want to read how to start your program read this article by Rosalind Gardner. Her Super Affiliate Handbook was considered to be one of the best on affiliate marketing tips.

Home business blogs make money online if they get traffic to them, and have good products and programs to promote. You need both of these working together to make money with your blog.

You content will key in getting traffic. Publish and Promote your blog posts and use social media to help with this! This is how blogging for money is done today.

Home Business Blogs Make Money-Away From Home

Here’s what’s even better! I see people blogging in the park, on break at work, riding the train, sitting on the beach, at a Starbucks, and so on. You get the idea.

We might call this home business blogging, but in reality it’s an Internet marketing blog. As long as you can access the Internet you can blog wherever you’re at.

What makes this a business is the way that the blog is monetized. That is to say what makes it a profitable business is the way the blog owner is making money.

Do Home Business Blogs Make MoneyThere are plenty of quality blogs where the owner doesn’t even do any writing. One good freelance writer can keep your blog full of unique content that people enjoy reading.

As a matter-of-fact this is actually a good way to branch into more micro-niches. Find a writer or two who enjoy researching and writing on just about anything, and you can have many profitable home business blogs.

One thing is for certain. You have to develop some Internet marketing skills if you expect your blog to ever reach the level of profitability.

You can learn this in discussion forums such as the Warrior Forum. Another great source for blogging training is Kim Roach’s Buzz Blogger.

Neil Patel’s Quick Sprout blog is one I follow. You will find tips that go beyond basic Internet marketing and blogging information found on most blog.s

The idea here is that you need to develop some skills and there’s no sense reinventing the wheel. For a home business blog to make money you need to go about it the right way. You might as well pay attention to people who are already doing it.

Another way to make money with your own home business blog is to hire TeamSchuman and use our Done For You Blog Posts. We write, post, publish, and promote blog articles on your blog for you. You can choose to have your blog articles published daily, every other day, or every 3 days. Let us know if you have any questions!

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