Easy Way To Do Video Marketing

easy way to do video marektingBelow is an easy way to do video marketing that is easy to learn and not hard to do?

Hard as in it takes no technical knowledge.

Technical does not work for most of us.

Video marketing works because Google wants it to work.

Google owns You Tube. It is the 3rd most visited site behind Google and Facebook everyday.

Google will rank a video for a targeted keyword phrase on their search engine as well as on You Tube.

You have no doubt done a Google search for something and saw a You Tube video showing up on page one of Google for that keyword phrase. If it worked for them it can work for you.

There are a couple of key points here.

Easy Way To Do Video Marketing-Key Points

video-movie-camera1. Create a quality video. It does not have to be a masterpiece, but it should at least look good and be entertaining.

2. Solve a problem in the video. Focus on one specific problem and solve it in the video. I personally like videos of around two minutes which is plenty of time to do this.

I am seeing a lot of 30 second videos that are nothing more than a couple of pictures and a sales message with a website url. This is not a quality video.

I would be willing to bet anything that someday Google will clean up You Tube just like they have cleaned up their search engine. Crappy videos, that do not offer anything of value, will disappear from the rankings.

Is it worth the risk of getting a bunch of videos ranked, getting traffic to your site from the videos or search engine rankings, and then seeing it all go down the drain?

I would think NOT!

Add quality to your video with graphics and content that delivers what the searcher is looking for.

Easy Way To Do Video Marketing-How To Do It

easy way to do video marketingSo how can anyone do video marketing? Here is how to make a video for video marketing.

1. Write a short informational article of 150 to 200 words.

2. Join Animoto. This is a great program for creating videos from text. It costs less than $40 a month.

You can also add graphics and pictures to the video. You can even choose music that you like as background music in the video.

You do not need a video camera or microphone to do this. You’re not recording your voice.

What you are doing is taking your short article and creating screenshots of the text. You’re adding in some music and graphics to liven it up a little bit.

This doesn’t take any special skills to do. It’s actually fun once you get the hang of it.

Publish On You Tube

easy way to do video marketingWith Animoto publishing on You Tube is easy.

You will need to set up your own channel.

To do that you need a Google account as well which almost everyone has in one form or another. Here are directions on how to set up a You Tube Channel.

You Tube is a shared video site. There are many of these online, but You Tube is the one that matters so you want to publish your videos there.

Animoto makes that as easy as clicking on the You Tube button. Give it a few minutes and you will find your new video on your You Tube channel.

Creating and publishing videos is fun. Wnat to know what is even more fun?

Ranking A Video

What’s even more fun is to see your videos ranking quickly on You Tube. This is especially true if you’re targeting longtail keyword phrases, or are in a niche where there’s not a lot of traffic.

Easy Way To Do Video MarketingIt’s also works very well for local business marketing. You can quickly rank businesses for their primary keyword phrase on You Tube.

The other thing that’s fun is watching the videos show up on Google. If you make a good video, that is informational in nature, Google will find it and rank it.

If you need to you can get backlinks to the video URL to give a boost up the rankings. Again these are things anyone can learn how to do.


Is video marketing worth the effort? Right now it certainly is if you would like to increase your traffic without spending a lot of money on pay per click ads or other paid advertising.

We have just showed you an easy way to do video marketing! Check out one of our You Tube Channels to see some of our videos we have created for customers and out own blogs using Animoto.

If you want an even easier way to do video marketing visit our Hands Off Marketing site to see how we promote local business and niche business websites using videos, blogging, and promotion. http://www.TeamSchuman.com/hands-off-marketing/

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