How Much Time Should You Spend On Marketing Everyday?

This is the question you should be asking yourself every day.

The person who spends the majority of their time marketing their online business is the one who’s going to make the most money.

However, what happens to most people, especially newbies is they waste time on other things besides marketing.

Re-doing their website over and over is a big time waster.

So is hanging out on social sites for fun and calling it work.

Once you have a website set up the majority of your time should be spent getting traffic to it.

How Much?

Spend Time On MarketingHow much time should that be everyday?

I personally think you should spend 80% to 90% of your time on advertising and promoting every day.

If you outsource your marketing than 80 to 90% of your time will be spent managing the people who are doing your marketing.

If you find yourself spending time every day making changes to your site, reading ebooks, hanging out on LinkedIn, or Twitter, you are probably not going to make money online.

The bottom line is how many visitors are you getting to your website every day?

If your visitor count is less than 100 visitors every day how can you expect to make money. You should be spending more time on traffic generation, and less time on managing your site, if you don’t have very many visitors.

Do You Need Me To Do The Math?

how much time should you spend on marketingIf you work part time in your business, let’s say 2 hours per day, then spend no more then 20 to 30 minutes checking email, checking stats, and doing other maintenance type of thing. Spend the rest of your time working on things that are going to get you website visitors.

If you do Internet marketing full time you probably don’t need any help with this question. But let me just say that it’s easy to fall into the trap of keeping busy and not necessarily being productive.

The great basketball coach John wooden used to say “do not mistake activity for achievement”. Full-time Internet marketers working 8 hours a day are probably going to spend 6 hours or more of those on advertising and marketing.

Other full-time Internet marketers might spend only a couple hours a day working on their business. Chances are they already have a system in place for driving traffic to their websites.

The majority of the 2 hours is going to be for managing those marketing campaigns. Chances are this probably includes outsourcing such as our Daily Blogger Program.

You will spend the majority of your two hours working with the people who you outsource too.

How To Market

Spend Time On Marketing

Once you have established how much time you are going to spend you then to decide how you are going to market your business online. For starters get a blog and add content to it.

Maybe you want to outsource that. Fair enough. It does not take as much time to manage a blogger as it takes to be a blogger.

Mix your content up between text, videos, and graphics, Bookmark your posts. Check out this great article on The Definitive Checklist For Effective Blog Post Promotion.

If you spend more time promoting your blog and less on content you are going to be ahead in the long run. Your business will only grow if you increase the amount of marketing you do and traffic you get from it!

Marketing Is Fun

how much time should you spend on marketing everydayOnce you start to get people coming to your site it becomes very addictive. In my opinion marketing your site is the fun part of Internet marketing.

If it is not fun for you either you are not doing it right, or you need to focus on what is fun for you and as we said earlier in this article you should outsource your marketing.

One way to make marketing fun is to set daily goals and work at hitting those. Some examples of these kind of goals that make marketing fun would be…..

1. Daily visitor count.

Does your site have analytics installed on it? Google Analytics can provide all kinds of insightful information including how many people are visiting your site everyday. It is easy to install and watching your number of daily visitors increase is a great sign you are spending your marketing time correctly.

2. Build your list.

I used to get tired of reading this tip, but now I know the importance of it. The Internet marketing who rules the list rules the money. It is a lot of fun to watch the size of your email list grow, and it is a lot of fun to send out emails that create instant income even more! :-)

Become an expert at 1 or 2.

One of the best pieces of advice I got early on in my Internet marketing career was the importance of mastering 1 or 2 ways to marketing online. Then focus on it.

That is still good advice today. One or two forms of traffic generation is usually more then enough to increase your visitor count and ultimately you bank account.

Where should you start?

Click Here!“>where to startIf you have a budget you can buy traffic. Google Adwords or Facebook Ads are fast ways to get traffic and once you master ppc advertising you will also be able to get immediate traffic in any niche.

If you are tight on money you will have to substitute spending time in place of spending money. Blogging in a targeted niche takes some time, but is something anyone can learn to do and a fun way to do Internet marketing.

Because affiliate marketing is a great source for products to sell to make money I recommend you learn how to do it. This will include learning how to do the marketing part.

Affiliorama is the #1 source for affiliate marketing training. Click Here! to get started!


These are a few tips on answering the question how much time should you spend on marketing every day. If you want to make more money you need more website visitors. The more time you spend on marketing, chances are the more website visitors you will get.

Learn to read your daily analytics and then focus on changing them for the better. There is nothing more important in your business right now then how many people come to your site everyday. Until you increase that number everything else is pretty much useless.

What is Hands Off Internet Marketing? Could we help you with it as a way to spend less time on marketing?

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